Nick Murrall

Software Project Management in Life Sciences

Bridging the gap between IT specialists and application users

When implementing today's complex pharmaceutical software solutions it is key to ensure your user expectations are met by the systems. To achieve this you need to have the people with the right experience to bridge this gap, compromising could seriously affect the outcome and or cost of the project.

I can bring many years of experience working in the life science domain managing the development and implementation of complex software applications, enabling me to see both end user and IT supplier view points.

The Right Skills...

Correct Skills for your project

Be it basic project management skills, software development management or Validation to GAMP principles I a member of the Research Quality Association (RQA) and have the experience and skills that can help ensure your project is a success.

At The Right Time...

On time delivery of your project

By using services on a contract, as needed basis, you can bring the skills to the project at the right time and for the period you need them. This removes the need to recruit a full time specialist whose use after the project may be limited or use existing, but inexperienced, staff.

For The Right Cost...

Cost effective delivery of your project

Applying the right skills to your project at the right time and at the right basic cost not only reduces baseline staff costs but reduces overall project costs by making the overall project team more efficient and attaining the project goals quicker.