Nick Murrall

Software Project Management in Life Sciences

The types of Services I can offer

Typical services where you project could benefit from my services are listed below. However, this list is not exhaustive and if you have a particular problem/situation you need to solve do feel free to contact me.

Project/Delivery Management

I can provide Project/Delivery Management on part-time or interim basis. You may have a project but it may not be of sufficient size to justify a full-time Project Manager, you may not have the capacity to run it or may may not have the project management experience or skills in house.

In these situations I can help fill the gap on a part-time or interim basis. This flexibility allows you to ensure the project can be executed successfully according to your businesses requirements.

Typical projects might include:

  • Management of outsourced or off-shore developments
  • GxP Validated System Implementation or Assessments
  • MedDRA recoding
  • Data migrations
  • Delivery Management - liaising between vendor and client
  • SOP Development

Mentoring and Coaching

You have a project and a “novice” Project Manager who you want to develop. By taking a supervisory role I can help ensure the candidate learns best practice and keep the project on track by helping to spot errors before they occur. Or you may have the need to boost certain skills, e.g. Meeting facilitation by coaching your existing staff.

Requirement Gathering

Producing requirements that can be understood by both developer and end-user is key to a successful software project but the timing and need can be sporadic. By conducting and analysing surveys, facilitating workshops then collating the results, analysing them and presenting clear concise findings I can ensure this is done effectively and efficiently.

How I work

Ideally situated in Cambridge “Biotech bubble” (the largest in Europe), I am well positioned to assist companies in the Cambridge, London and M4/M40 clusters. If you would like to discuss some of the issues you are facing use the Contact form to give me a brief summary and arrange for an initial discussion on how we can resolve them together.

Rates differ depending on the nature, length and location of the engagement but by coming directly to me, in addition to getting the right skills for the job, there are no agents fees to consider. This offers a considerable saving over normal contract routes.